Ponytail Weather

ponytail weather
It’s warming up out there!  This time of year, the only way I want to wear my hair is up in a ponytail- can you relate?
Are you familiar with Kate over at The Small Things BlogRead more about her here.  Her site is full of doable hair tutorials with lots of cute ponytail options, so you can look great and still keep your cool.
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

My Rich, Texas (Coconut) Oil Man

coc“Hon,” I call from the shower, “can you bring me the coconut oil?”

“Coconut oil?”  he asks, “You mean the one you’ve been using to brush your teeth with?”

“No, the one I use to wash my face.  I’m gonna put it in my hair for a deep conditioner.”

He smiles as he passes it over the door.  “Did you read about this on Pinterest?”

“No,” I lift my chin, “…online.”


Seems I’ve been getting a lot of ribbing from him lately.  “What’s that?” he asks.

Homemade toothpaste!  It’s going to give us healthy gums and whiten our teeth.  Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste, and coconut oil!”

“Interesting.  Where’d you hear about that?”

“Pinterest!” I say proudly.  He just gives me that “isn’t she cute?” smile.

Why do we have castor oil in the medicine cabinet,” he asks another day.

“It’s facial cleanser!  You’re supposed to mix it with coconut oil, rub it on, then wipe it off with a warm washcloth.”

“Hmmm…what’s that going to do for you?”

“Well, the lady on Pinterest says it will cure my oily skin, and in about two weeks, people will be stopping me on the street asking about my glowing complexion.”

He chuckles.

He chuckles some more when he sees me swishing coconut oil.  “Oil pulling,” I explain proudly.  “We’re going to do this every morning and it’s going to completely detoxify us.  Oh, and you spit it in the toilet when you’re through.”

“Did you read about this on Pinterest?”

“Well…        …        …        yes.”


I don’t see why he finds this so amusing, ” I think later as I comb through my greasy hair.  I double-check yesterday’s post from Kate, my favorite beauty blogger.  Oh, I see, she just used a tablespoon.  I guess the cup-and-a-half I used was a bit over the top.  I knew Kate could do no wrong!

Relieved, I wash my hair – again – and slip on my grey tee.

Well, pooh.  Evidently, when you dribble homemade coconut oil toothpaste on your shirt it leaves a grease stain.

Lesson learned.  At least my teeth are sparkly!  And I do think my skin is looking pretty good!

Now, if I can just find a remedy for oily hair…

I wonder if they have any good tips on Pinterest?

Have a great Monday!


P.S.  Yes, this really happened last week!  And, when I followed the directions, coconut oil made a great deep conditioner! ;)