Team Mom – Great Game Day Sources

team momThere’s nothing like having a kid on the team to make a girl proudly wear some of the world’s ugliest color combinations. Team moms everywhere are proof positive that a few great accessories and a little bling can make anything look good! ;)

My oldest son started football this year, and we find out today if his team made the playoffs. Do you have a big game in the future? Here are a few fun sources for stylin’ game day gear…

Start with the basics in black, white and grey. They add a little edge to most team colors. And frankly, green and gold can use a little edge.

Quarter Zip Pullover- Shown here in heather grey, from It’s Personal, my favorite local monogram shop. Get it in any team color with a monogram for just $40.00.

Bright Jeans- I love the red skinnies the teachers and moms are wearing on gameday at my sons’ school. Grab a fun pair in your school colors at Old Navy for about 20.00 bucks.

Quilted Vest- Warm, cute and comfy. Pretty much perfect! This one’s from The
North Face, $100.00 at Nordstrom, but Land’s End has great options for about half that.

Then Layer on that Team Spirit!

Jewelry – YT Clothing hits it out of the park with trendy separates in school colors, but what I really love is their amazing selection of sweet jewelry in colors to match any team. Too fun! Go for the Megan, Hillary or Julie bracelets, $18-$34.00, or stack up super-cute Knotted Leather Rings, $15 each.

A Cozy Scarf – Meesh and Mia’s selection of licensed college and pro team apparell is pretty much unmatched. Where else can you get boutique-style pieces with your team emblem right on the sleeve? Here, I showcase the Crystal Logo Ruffled Scarf, $34.00.

Shoes – Have you seen the University Collection from Lilly Bee? Snatch a pair of these fun, striped flats in your school colors for $48.00, and add an adorable clip-on bow, $18.00, with or without the team logo.

What are you wearing for game day? Show us! We’ll be cheering for your kid, too!

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

A little p.s. … I have no idea why everything’s bold & italicized today, but we’re just gonna roll with it! ;)


By the Bell

ByTheBellGrandaddy was a professor at TCU, and he and Grandmother lived right behind Brite and the Moudy Building.  The days we spent with them were measured by the hourly and quarterly chimes of Robert Carr Chapel, University Christian, and St. Stephen down the hill to the east.  It’s a beautiful way to keep time, really.  But there was one day when the bells weren’t quite as favorable to us.

It was Sunday morning, and Grandmother had decided it was warm enough to walk to church at University Christian.  We set out leisurely on Greene in the overcast weather.  Grandmother’s skinny legs peeked from the hem of her Sunday coat, and her signature ivory pumps – from Stanley Eisenman over on Berry – click, clicked clicked along the sidewalk.  We made a left on Cantey, commenting on the houses and visiting along the way.

It was about ten ’til eleven when we realized it – we were just a block from church and no one else was out on their way to services.  Grandmother stopped in her tracks, pale.   “My word, Jack…I think the time changed!”

My first response was to laugh.  What a funny situation, and what a pretty day to enjoy a little extra time out on our walk!  But Grandmother and Grandaddy were not laughing.  And they weren’t the least bit interested in extending our little jaunt.  They both knew that in just a short moment, a whole congregation of people they had pastored, worked and worshipped with would be walking out the front doors of the church, and looking, directly, at us.

“How much time have we got?” Grandmother asked.  Grandaddy checked his watch.  They decided it would be fastest to go back straight down University.  Click, CLICK, CLICK….Grandmother’s steps went much faster now;  in fact, I was impressed at just how fast my grandparents could move.  We rounded the corner at Princeton and checked the clock on Robert Carr.  Still Time.  But Grandmother didn’t slow down.

We were back at the house, Grandaddy at the dinner table, and Grandmother in the kitchen, when the bells chimed.  We made it, image intact.

It’s Daylight Savings Time this weekend; don’t forget to change your clocks!