Team Mom – Great Game Day Sources

team momThere’s nothing like having a kid on the team to make a girl proudly wear some of the world’s ugliest color combinations. Team moms everywhere are proof positive that a few great accessories and a little bling can make anything look good! ;)

My oldest son started football this year, and we find out today if his team made the playoffs. Do you have a big game in the future? Here are a few fun sources for stylin’ game day gear…

Start with the basics in black, white and grey. They add a little edge to most team colors. And frankly, green and gold can use a little edge.

Quarter Zip Pullover- Shown here in heather grey, from It’s Personal, my favorite local monogram shop. Get it in any team color with a monogram for just $40.00.

Bright Jeans- I love the red skinnies the teachers and moms are wearing on gameday at my sons’ school. Grab a fun pair in your school colors at Old Navy for about 20.00 bucks.

Quilted Vest- Warm, cute and comfy. Pretty much perfect! This one’s from The
North Face, $100.00 at Nordstrom, but Land’s End has great options for about half that.

Then Layer on that Team Spirit!

Jewelry – YT Clothing hits it out of the park with trendy separates in school colors, but what I really love is their amazing selection of sweet jewelry in colors to match any team. Too fun! Go for the Megan, Hillary or Julie bracelets, $18-$34.00, or stack up super-cute Knotted Leather Rings, $15 each.

A Cozy Scarf – Meesh and Mia’s selection of licensed college and pro team apparell is pretty much unmatched. Where else can you get boutique-style pieces with your team emblem right on the sleeve? Here, I showcase the Crystal Logo Ruffled Scarf, $34.00.

Shoes – Have you seen the University Collection from Lilly Bee? Snatch a pair of these fun, striped flats in your school colors for $48.00, and add an adorable clip-on bow, $18.00, with or without the team logo.

What are you wearing for game day? Show us! We’ll be cheering for your kid, too!

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

A little p.s. … I have no idea why everything’s bold & italicized today, but we’re just gonna roll with it! ;)


School Shopping…In Kate Spade Keds :)

School ShoppingRemember how exciting it was to go shopping for school clothes and cute new shoes? 
I live in a family of boys, and this time of year, we’re just shopping for a few updates to their school uniforms.
But all those packed department stores still make me think it would be fun to pick up a new outfit for just for me…
Add a few hints of Fall Color to your wardrobe with these pieces:
First, the shoes
When I was a kid, a good pair of tennies were back-to-school essentials.  I’ll never forget the dream pair I got for kindergarten.
Think of the possibilities with these limited edition Kate Spade Keds.  I love the charcoal stripes with soft mustard laces.  Fresh and Fun.
Next, Key Pieces
Mama always made sure my sister and I remembered our wardrobe staples before we added in the fluff.  Still good advice.  A Denim Shirt in Harvest Wash from Madewell , Vienna Jeans in Grey from Boutique1  and Clare Cardigan from J. Crew Factory will give you a hundred looks throughout the season.
Cute Accessories
Remember how you had to have the new earrings to make your back-to-school wardobe complete?   Do you still feel that way, too?  Affordable accessories let you add some color and trend to those staples mama made you buy.  To try: Scarf from ModCloth.
A Great Bag
You may not need a book bag, but every girl needs a new purse for the season.   Agreed?  Go for this pretty new Vary You Versatile Bag from Thirty-One and you’ll get two useful styles in one.  Click here, and I’ll even tell you how to get it on sale. ;)
So, what are the chances of me getting to take a little shopping trip just for myself this month?  Pretty slim.  But a girl can dream!
What are you dreaming of adding to your closet right now?
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Finally Friday…Popsicle Style

this weekend...flavorice style
This weekend…pick up a box of these babies and put ’em in the freezer.
Because it’s summer now.  And it’s your duty as a parent.
Here’s to Fridays, Summer and Fun!

This Summer

this summer
We’ve been busy thinking of the things we want to do this summer.  You, too?
My mama was a teacher, so we had long summers off together.  All through the year, we would file away ideas for activities we wanted to do during summer break.  Our list would usually include things like visiting a new store we were curious about, going to the zoo, and lots and lots of trips to my grandparent’s house.
Some activities were not even planned, like the summer we went to about a hundred McDonald’s drive throughs to get a complete set of Bambi figurines.  Very cute.
And Some activities were entirely my mom’s idea, like the summer she decided we needed to know we were capable of walking six miles into the closest town and back.  My sister and I assured her that we did not need to actually experience this to know that we could.  She insisted we did.  Believe me, my sister and I will never forget that it is entirely possible to walk six miles to get a popsicle.
My boys and I have a few ideas of our own this summer.  One son wants to make a homemade pizza, I want to paint the house a little, and we’re all anticipating our big vacation.  More than anything, though, I’m looking forward to all the extra time I’ll get to spend with my kiddos.  It’s a special time of year, and I can’t wait to soak up every minute of it.
What are your plans for the summer?  Are you going to try anything new?  Tell us about it!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized,

Ultimate Change-Your-Life Product

Ultimate Change-Your-Life ProductGo get your mom a bottle of this nail polish.  Right now.  It will change her life – I promise.

“Nail polish?  Life changing?” you scoff.  “Surely not.”

“Oh, yes,” I say, “but not just any nail polish…”

Ahhh, super-shiney top coat.  It has the ability to turn a diy mani-pedi into a thing of beauty.  I used to have a bottle of cheap NYC Vinyl Shine top coat that could turn heads.  But then they stopped making it.

I cried.  But that loss led me to something greater.

I walked into Sally Beauty Supply and asked for a product to replace my old favorite.  The sales girl, bless her soul, led me directly to Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

“A quick-dry product? I asked.  “I just want sparkle.  Will it have the same gloss as my old product?  The same deep, wet shine?”

Yes, she assured me , flatly.  She obviously did not grasp the importance of this purchase to me.  But I took her word for it.  And Seche Vite has a fan for life.

It’s not just the pretty shine and long wear that has me hooked.  It’s that amazing quick-dry factor.  There’s no question that preventing damage to freshly painted nails is one of the great unsolved problems of motherhood.  But this stuff lets you polish those piggies and get back to the business of life, fast.

And I’m not just talking faster-than-usual fast.  I’m talking paint your nails and then go fix your hair fast.  Paint your nails and change a diaper fast.  Paint your nails, accidentally fall asleep with the kids at naptime, and NOT get little sheet-prints on your toenails kind of fast.

That, my friends is life changing.  And it’s just what every mom needs.

So go, get your mom, or yourself, a bottle of this quick-dry top coat.

You’ll make her day.  You’ll change her life.  And she’ll hold your little face in her perfectly manicured hands and say, “You are so Cute, Smart and Organized.”

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Check out this post for more of my beauty faves!

Seche Vite has no idea who I am or that I’m recommending their product.  I just really like this stuff! ;)

Field Trip Ready

field trip ready
Chill your beauty essentials to stand out and keep your cool in a sea of Class Moms.
You’ve stamped a zoo-themed vignette on the lunch sacks and chosen subtly-matching outfits for you and your child.  Now, toss this kit in your bag, and, I promise, you’ll end the day feeling as great as you did when it started.
1.  Your secret weapon?  A cooler bag  small enough to keep in that super-adorable cross-body that you bought just for today.  (It was a totally practical purchase, by the way…it will help future scrap-book historians differentiate between your fall and spring field trip pictures.)  Thermal Mini-Zipper Pouch in in Best Buds from Thirty-One Gifts, $12.00
2.  Tuck in an ice pack…this is the deal-changer, so don’t skip this step.  Froggy Thera-Pearl Pal, $9.00 on Amazon.
3.  Add some iced-down SPF lip-balm and leave the other mothers wondering how you manage to keep that bright smile throughout the day.  My favorite stand-by?  Blistex.  Go for Melon Medley from the Fruit Smoothie line to complement the flavor of the freshly-scooped honeydew in your lunch.  $3.00 on
4.  Hand and Face Wipes, because you know that mom is going to stiff you with restroom duty, again.  Might as well look and feel even better after it than before, right?  A chilly swipe of the hands and back of the neck and you’ll step away from the girl’s room confident, collected, and totally ready for the souvenir shop.  BabyGanics Hand and Face Wipes, $3.99
5.  Sunscreen.  You won’t share, of course (wouldn’t want to cause an allergic reaction)  but, when other moms are toweling-off melted mascara and doctoring their pink noses, you’ll pull out your chilled sunscreen and apply the every-two-hours touch-up… cool as a cucumber.  It’s a subtle touch, but one that every room mom there will notice and remember.  Sunny Screen from Episencial, $12.00
You’re cool.  Your ready.  And your going to walk away from that school bus so refreshed, I guarantee you’ll be the first mom to get her album posted to Facebook.
You are soooo Cute, Smart and Organized,