“Capiz” Topped Table

I’ve just finished up a project that I want to show you!finished  This is my faux capiz-topped table, and I just love it!

I have been searching for a gold-toned metal side table for my living room lately, and was tickled pink to find this turquoise one for less than $25 at Hobby Lobby recently:capiz before

I used the 40% off coupon on my phone to get a really good deal.  Get your coupon here.

I loved the modern grid pattern on the legs and liked that it wouldn’t take up much visual space in my small living room.  With a few changes, I knew it could be just what I wanted.

Maybe you’d like to try one, too!  Here’s how to make the transformation…capizsuppsYou will need

sandpaper, primer, gold craft paints  ( I used colors listed below from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels), metallic or pearlized paper( I used Brilliant Metals paint sample cards from Lowes), a 1 1/2″ circle cutter, a soft paintbrush, clear gloss sealer, and school glue.

This table starts out pretty adorable as it is, with a fun, weathered and chipped finish that lets flashes of red and yellow paint show under the deep turquoise top coat.  It took a good sanding to smooth out the chips, and two coats of primer to hide the color.

I then covered the whole table with 3 shades gold paint.  I started with a base coat of Yellow Gold from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels.  Next, I made a wash of Rose Gold paint and water and brushed it into the corners and joints of the legs to add a little depth.  Finally, I made another wash of Pale Gold and water and painted over the entire surface to get the soft look I was going for.

Now for the “Capiz Shells”

capiz cut circs

I chose paint sample cards from Lowes in soft golds, coppers, ivory and pewters from the Brilliant Metals line, and cards A25a and A26a – both shell pinks– from the Olympic line.  I used 3-4 paint cards of each color I chose.

This particular table has a lip on the table top that makes a perfect frame for the paper shells.  I punched circles from the cards, then trimmed the edges of some flat, and cut four into corner pieces.

I lined the inside of the table-top frame with the corner-cut pieces and flat-edge pieces, then laid a layer of full circles across the top in a random pattern, gluing them all down with school glue.  Then, I glued down two more layers of circles, and let them dry for two days, occasionally adding a stack of books on top to help keep the paper from curling as it dried.

I then painted on a few coats of ModPodge, following the package directions, in a cross-hatch pattern over the circles, and let that dry for a couple of days.  Here is a detail of the top:


After that, it was just two light sprays of clear gloss sealer away from my living room.

The final result:


It’s just what I wanted, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

What about you?  What are you transforming right now into something special for your home?  I can’t wait to here about it!  I know it’s going to be great.

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!