Team Mom – Great Game Day Sources

team momThere’s nothing like having a kid on the team to make a girl proudly wear some of the world’s ugliest color combinations. Team moms everywhere are proof positive that a few great accessories and a little bling can make anything look good! ;)

My oldest son started football this year, and we find out today if his team made the playoffs. Do you have a big game in the future? Here are a few fun sources for stylin’ game day gear…

Start with the basics in black, white and grey. They add a little edge to most team colors. And frankly, green and gold can use a little edge.

Quarter Zip Pullover- Shown here in heather grey, from It’s Personal, my favorite local monogram shop. Get it in any team color with a monogram for just $40.00.

Bright Jeans- I love the red skinnies the teachers and moms are wearing on gameday at my sons’ school. Grab a fun pair in your school colors at Old Navy for about 20.00 bucks.

Quilted Vest- Warm, cute and comfy. Pretty much perfect! This one’s from The
North Face, $100.00 at Nordstrom, but Land’s End has great options for about half that.

Then Layer on that Team Spirit!

Jewelry – YT Clothing hits it out of the park with trendy separates in school colors, but what I really love is their amazing selection of sweet jewelry in colors to match any team. Too fun! Go for the Megan, Hillary or Julie bracelets, $18-$34.00, or stack up super-cute Knotted Leather Rings, $15 each.

A Cozy Scarf – Meesh and Mia’s selection of licensed college and pro team apparell is pretty much unmatched. Where else can you get boutique-style pieces with your team emblem right on the sleeve? Here, I showcase the Crystal Logo Ruffled Scarf, $34.00.

Shoes – Have you seen the University Collection from Lilly Bee? Snatch a pair of these fun, striped flats in your school colors for $48.00, and add an adorable clip-on bow, $18.00, with or without the team logo.

What are you wearing for game day? Show us! We’ll be cheering for your kid, too!

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

A little p.s. … I have no idea why everything’s bold & italicized today, but we’re just gonna roll with it! ;)


A Mom’s Car Emergency Kit- no, not that one…

Car Emergency Kit
School is in full swing, and we are settling back into our crazy little routine around here.  You, too?
I’ve found that our lives run a lot more smoothly with a few helpful essentials in the glove compartment of the car.
Here are the top things we cant seem to live without:
Tangle Spray and a Detangler Comb
For all the mornings we load the baby up in the car before he’s even awake.  (Or, his big brothers, for that matter.)
Do you have one of these combs?  Ours looks a little different than this – it’s a blue one from Sally’s – but its like an un-tangling, not-hurting miracle.
Pencils AND Sharpener
Pencils, for when they mysteriously remember a homework assignment on the way to school.
And sharpener, so they have no excuse.
For Mom.
Index Cards
For writing notes to the teacher on the way to school, and…
Paper Clips
So I can clip them to their folders.
Masking Tape and a Sharpie
So I’m always prepared to price things for the resale shop, but that’s another post…
Scotch Tape, Scissors and Rubber Bands
‘Nuf said.
Bank Envelopes
For after -and before- hours.
Note Cards
So I can catch up on thank you‘s and the like in the school pick-up line.
And a Cute Little Bag to Put it All In.  Ours is pink.  Because I picked it out, and not the five men or two male dogs that live at our house.
What about you?  What are the essentials needed to keep your family going while you’re on the run?  Share them with us!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized,

Water Park Ready

This August heat has my family headed for the water park.  You, too?  Pack these essentials, based on what I forgot last time, and you’ll be water park ready, easy as 1, 2, 3!

Water Park Ready!

1.  Our water park doesn’t allow outside snacks and drinks, but they are more than happy to give free ice water refills.  Be ready to take advantage of some free hydration with your own water bottle.  Shown:  Bobble in Blue, about $16 at Oliver Bonas
2.  About halfway between the kiddie slides and the concession stand, my feet were reminding me of the perfectly good water shoes I left at home.  Keep your tootsies off the hot concrete with this adorable, streatchy, red pair from Ocean Minded by Crocs, $32 at Zappos.
3.  I don’t know about your two-year-old, but when mine feels the need for a snow cone, he’s not too excited about having to wait for me to hike back over to the beach bag to get the money, across the park to the snow cone stand, and back to to beach bag to put the change away.  Save yourself a few steps by tucking your money into a waterproof wallet strapped to your wrist.  Shown:  Alligator by DRY PAK, just $7.28 on Amazon.
4.  Why, oh why do I burn even when I try my hardest not too?  I hate sunburns!!  So since my sunscreen didn’t hold up on our last visit, I’m definately packing a swimming shirt.  Don’t you love this sea-worthy, navy and white option?  Your shoulders will love it, too.  $39 at Land’s End, (Nab it TODAY for 25% off!)
5. Chasing kids in the splash zone calls for a suit that covers and stays in place.  My go-to-choice, again, is Land’s End.  Go for the Supplex Swim Shorts, or, as shown here, the Swim Mini, in a variety of pretty brights and prints to match your suits.  $30- $40.00, depending on style.
6.  Finally, don’t forget a tube of lip gloss with sunscreen.  BalmShelter in Pinup Girl will keep a pretty touch of color on your face while preventing sun burned lips.  $19 at
What do you pack for a day at the water park?  Share your ideas with us!  We need all the help we can get! ;)
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Day Trip to Clark Gardens

Running through the ShadeIn the Summer, my boys and I like to take a drive to Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells. Have you been there? Well, it’s time you went!

Not too far from Fort Worth, but just far enough to feel like an adventure, it’s an easy day trip with kids.

Here’s how we do it…

We try to start out early to beat the summer heat, but, trust me, we’ve never gotten there when they open at 7:00 a.m. It’s a pretty straight shot from Weatherford on US 180, but I can’t resist taking I20 to 281. It’s a little out of the way, but totally worth it to see the hilly terrain and Brazos River.

When you turn on to Maddux Road a little East of Mineral Wells, you’ll wonder why you bothered making the trip. Scrubby cactus and mesquite line the drive. But trust us and go on in; we promise you’ll be surprised.

Owners Max and Billie Clark started landscaping their yard for their daughter’s wedding years ago, and just kept on going.

And going. And going. I’ve told you about my gardening abilities – or lack thereof – before, and how a mesquite patch could be transformed into something this lush and beautiful is just too much for my little flower-killing self to imagine.

We like to start off through a series of lily ponds and butterfly islands. My boys keep their eyes out for frogs and turtles perched on the lily pads, and, this year, the gate attendant gave us something new to watch for: Big Bertha. Apparently, a huge water snake has lived around one of the water falls for years and we never knew it. We searched high and low, only to find out she was spotted on the other end of the park that day. You could take that as a big loss or big win, depending on your opinion of snakes.

Next, feeding the ducks and goldfish keep the boys busy while we relax under the ceiling fans of one of many pavilions around the gardens. We make the boys pose sweetly for a few more pictures than they would like.

Then head off to their favorite part of all: the Train Station.

And what a train station it is. Inside, trains pull into models of old Mineral Wells and Weatherford. Outside, they chug past each other through miniature farms, nearby towns, over bridges and across rivers. My boys are captivated, watching from every angle and always hoping to see a lizard or a squirrel on the tracks.

When we’re all finally satisfied at the train station, we mosey through the rest of the park. My boys call to the peacocks while we make our way through rose gardens and daylily beds. They put up with our interest in the Historic Tree Trail, and run through the shade to an overlook high above the valley. They tiptoe into the chapel, and then sing at the top of their voices when they notice the booming echo and realize no one else is inside.


We typically pack some snacks and drinks, and there are drinking fountains all through the park. Still, by lunch we are very hot and very hungry, and very happy to have seen the whole park one more time.We drive back in to Mineral Wells for barbecue at the Mesquite Pit, and then head home, exhausted.

A house full of sleeping kiddos is the sign of a very good day trip!

What fun little trips do you like to take with your family? Tell us about them!

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized,


Save Summer in a Jar

beach-sand-jar-completeMy family used to go canoeing in the summer, and my parents were always sweet to help me keep an eye out for small, flat stones with a tiny hole eroded in them from the river water.  I would bring these rocks home and lace onto a piece of string to make a necklace.  If the stone just happened to be heart-shaped, it was all the better.

My boys are constantly bringing home their own little keepsakes like this.  Seashells, an especially pretty branch of pinecones and special rocks all come home from our trips in pockets and suitcases.

I recently ran across this picture in a Ballard Designs catalog that gave me the idea to make little jars for all the treasures they bring home.  Aren’t they pretty?

Inspiration for the Project.  Click for Info

Inspiration for the Project. Click for Info

beach-sand-jar-suppliesHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Glass Jars:  I used a three-pack of spring-hinge jars by Spare Parts at Hobby Lobby, $5.99

Clear-drying Glue for Glass:  Try Weldbond, $6 on Amazon

Sea Shells

Metal Label Holders:  I used a multipack by Spare Parts at Hobby Lobby, $2.99

Jute Twine

Paper, Pens, and Scissors

-Get your 40% off Hobby Lobby Coupon Here

…And here’s what you’ll do:

Following package directions, glue your sea shell to the lid of the jar and give it plenty of time to dry.  Patience, patience…

Using your Metal Label Holders as a template, cut the Paper into rectangular labels.  Give each label a title, such as the name of the beach where you collected your sand, or the year of your vacation, and write it out in your prettiest (or your child’s cutest…or your printer’s trendiest…) handwriting.

Mold the Metal Label Holders to match the curve of the jar by holding the Label Holder against the jar and pressing with your thumbs from the center of the Holder to the edges.



Thread a 10-inch piece of Jute Twine through the Label Holder, going in the hole from front to back on the right, across the back, and out the hole, back to front, on the left.  Center the Label Holder on the jar, wrap the Twine around the back, and tie tightly to secure.  Trim the tails as needed.


Wrap another 10-inch piece of Twine around the mouth of the jar, and tie it in the front with a handsome square knot.  Fray the ends of the twine.

Slip your Label into the Label Holder, and you’re all set to fill your jar with treasure.

Here’s another look at the finished product:


Does your family save mementos like this from your vacations?  Show us how you display them!  What kind of keepsakes would you store in your jars? 

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!


This Summer

this summer
We’ve been busy thinking of the things we want to do this summer.  You, too?
My mama was a teacher, so we had long summers off together.  All through the year, we would file away ideas for activities we wanted to do during summer break.  Our list would usually include things like visiting a new store we were curious about, going to the zoo, and lots and lots of trips to my grandparent’s house.
Some activities were not even planned, like the summer we went to about a hundred McDonald’s drive throughs to get a complete set of Bambi figurines.  Very cute.
And Some activities were entirely my mom’s idea, like the summer she decided we needed to know we were capable of walking six miles into the closest town and back.  My sister and I assured her that we did not need to actually experience this to know that we could.  She insisted we did.  Believe me, my sister and I will never forget that it is entirely possible to walk six miles to get a popsicle.
My boys and I have a few ideas of our own this summer.  One son wants to make a homemade pizza, I want to paint the house a little, and we’re all anticipating our big vacation.  More than anything, though, I’m looking forward to all the extra time I’ll get to spend with my kiddos.  It’s a special time of year, and I can’t wait to soak up every minute of it.
What are your plans for the summer?  Are you going to try anything new?  Tell us about it!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized,

Thinking about Father’s Day

Working on the Tree House

Working on the Tree House

My husband spent the day working on a tree house for the kids. 

It’s been an ongoing project for us over the last few months, and we are just about ready to wrap it up.  We are excited!

My daddy built a tree house for my sister and I when we were kids.  It was in a clearing in the woods just far enough away from the house to seem exciting to us, but close enough to be safe.  We spent hours playing out there and riding on a swing that hung from a nearby tree.  I’m looking forward to watching the fun my boys will have in a tree house of their own.

Sweet projects like this have me thinking about Father’s Day.

I’m pretty sure I know what the boys and I will get my husband this year, but I can’t share it here just yet, because reading this blog is another sweet thing he does every day.

Have you started thinking about Father’s Day?  Share your memories and gift ideas with us!  I’m sure they’re great.

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!


Study Hall

Study Hall
Three boy’s study areas for about $200.
We just moved our two oldest boys into a new room, and they’re having fun planning ways to fix it all up. Top on their list?  A desk.  Which has me looking around for ideas.
Here are three I’ve found, each for about the same total price.
Left to right
#1.  Desk, Target;  Chair, Ikea;  Monster Lamp, Lampsplus; Magnetic Chalkboard,
#2.  Desk, Ikea; Chair, Target; Lamp, habitat; Magnet Board, Crate & Barrel
#3. Desk, Ikea; Chair, amazon; USMC Lamp, Retro Planet; World Map Cork Board, Modcloth
Which one makes the grade?
I’m leaning toward number three.  Which one do you like?  I’ll let you know how it all turns out!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Let’s March!

thisWeekendWelcome to a new month… and the weekend!!

I’m looking forward to sweet Saturday morning, when all the kids come snuggle up with us in bed.

…If only they’d wait til just a little later to start snugglin’…

Have a Great One!