A Soft Start to Fall

soft cozy fallFall is taking it’s own sweet time to show it’s face here in Texas.

But, as every girl knows, you shouldn’t let a little thing like a thermometer that reads 98 degrees stop you from adding a hint of autumn to the house.
Cozy your home up for the season with a few accessories in gentle, whitewashed colors.
 …And while you’re cozy-ing, don’t forget this falls Must Have:  The Chunky Knit Throw.
How are you sprucing up for fall?  Share with us! 
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!
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A Mom’s Car Emergency Kit- no, not that one…

Car Emergency Kit
School is in full swing, and we are settling back into our crazy little routine around here.  You, too?
I’ve found that our lives run a lot more smoothly with a few helpful essentials in the glove compartment of the car.
Here are the top things we cant seem to live without:
Tangle Spray and a Detangler Comb
For all the mornings we load the baby up in the car before he’s even awake.  (Or, his big brothers, for that matter.)
Do you have one of these combs?  Ours looks a little different than this – it’s a blue one from Sally’s – but its like an un-tangling, not-hurting miracle.
Pencils AND Sharpener
Pencils, for when they mysteriously remember a homework assignment on the way to school.
And sharpener, so they have no excuse.
For Mom.
Index Cards
For writing notes to the teacher on the way to school, and…
Paper Clips
So I can clip them to their folders.
Masking Tape and a Sharpie
So I’m always prepared to price things for the resale shop, but that’s another post…
Scotch Tape, Scissors and Rubber Bands
‘Nuf said.
Bank Envelopes
For after -and before- hours.
Note Cards
So I can catch up on thank you‘s and the like in the school pick-up line.
And a Cute Little Bag to Put it All In.  Ours is pink.  Because I picked it out, and not the five men or two male dogs that live at our house.
What about you?  What are the essentials needed to keep your family going while you’re on the run?  Share them with us!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized,

Beach House Style

beach house styleWanting to bring a little taste of your vacation back home?  Try bringing the warm, laid back feeling look of a beach cottage to your house.
Hallmarks of Beach House Style:
Water colors…blues, greens and soft whites are classic choices.
Easy-Going Materials, like slip-covered furnishings and un-fussy accessories, encourage a feet-up lifestyle.
Natural Elements…weathered woods, mother of pearl, sisal and seagrass hint at days by the sea.
How are you bringing a taste of summer to your home?  Show us your ideas!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!
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Choose the Best Lamp

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My boys have an amazing knack for breaking lamps at our house.  Here, a few quick tips to file away for Lamp-Shopping Day…
Living Room:
-Go Large, 30-34″.
-Pairs are pretty, or use two different lamps within 2″ of the same height.
-Choose 28-30″ tall for best reading light.
-Try two light sockets or a three-way switch to get the most light.
-Hang a pretty mirror behind lamps to boost brightness.
May your lamps enjoy long, happy lives ;)
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A Bright Splash of Summer

hints of summer
I’m in the mood to bring a few splashes of summer into the house this week…
My picks, left to right
Let everyone know summer’s on it’s way with a beachy wreath on the front door.  Beautiful shell wreath with burlap, greenery and sea glass from StandsOut on Etsy, $69.95
I love this Bordered Monogram by Exceptions!  Nestle it into the center of the wreath for a vibrant shot of warm summer color.  $56.00 on Etsy
A cozy throw in beachy brights carries the summer vibe into the house.  Orange and White Chevron Throw from World Market, $29.99
Best way to start a summer day?  In the yard with a coffee cup in one hand, water hose in the other. (My cup is filled with a smoothie- I hate coffee!)  Punch-colored mug by Dansk at Bloomingdales, $6.99
Place a bottle of citrus-scented soap at the sinks for a bright hint of the coming season every time you wash your hands.  Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Fresh Picked Tangerines from Bath and Body Works, $5.50
Are you getting into the summer mood at your house?  Tell us what you’re doing!  I bet it’s beautiful.
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Styling a Random Wall Arrangement

A Pretty Monogrammed WallBringing some lovely order to chaos…
This weekend, my sister and I hung an arrangement of monograms on her living room wall.  We love the results!
Random arrangements like this are so popular right now, but styling them can be a little tricky.  You want carefree style, not a train wreck.
Here’s what we did to keep the arrangement casual, but neat:
1.  Find your focal point.  We used the large, framed piece as the center of our arrangement, because it commands the most visual space.
The focal point doesn’t have to be in the middle – any corner would also work well – but it helps to decide on the location of your focal point so you have an easy reference point to base the rest of the grouping from.
2.  Practice first.  We measured out a space on the floor with the same dimensions as the wall we were working with.  My sister’s wood floors came in handy here;  they gave us ready-made grid lines to work from.
Starting with our focal piece, we added in each object, varying sizes, materials and shapes.  Then we would step back, remove  a few pieces that didn’t work, and arranged again.  And again.  And again.  This is where a little  preparation and patience pays off; get your practice design right before you go nailing a bunch of holes in the walls. ;)
A Pretty Monogrammed Wall: Styling Tips3.  Keep a little bit of Order.  Take a look at the picture here and you’ll see what I mean: Even though our arrangement appears very random, we used some repeating sight lines to keep things neat.  Notice how several letters line up with the frame of the focal point picture, shown with red lines,  and other objects are arranged on a line about two inches from the frame of the focal point picture, blue lines.
One final tip:  Have a few picture-hanging options handy.  When you’re working with this many different types of pictures and decorative objects, you can bet they won’t all be hung the same way.  We used a combination of traditional picture hangers, Command Adhesive, and Command Adhesive Picture Hangers.
-Sources:  Framed Monogram, homemade; All other objects, Hobby Lobby.  Get Hobby Lobby’s coupon app for Iphone here, android here.-
Now, hop over to Pinterest and get inspiration for your monogram wall on my Pinboard!
And, if you’ve already hung a random arrangement like this in your home, show us what you did!  I bet it’s beautiful!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Mediterranean Hues

Cobalt and White
Surround yourself in rich, beautiful cobalt blue.
Cobalt is everywhere right now – isn’t it pretty?   With a bit more purple than basic royal blue, it is fresh, exciting and timeless.
The vibrant, ultramarine  color reminds me of my grandparents coming home from long trips, loaded down with Greek fisherman’s hats, and postcards of blue-roofed, white buildings lining the most amazing blue waters I had ever seen.
Today, I’m giving you a little inspiration for adding some of that Mediterranean color to your home.
First, classic cobalt and white.  This dual-toned color scheme has stood on it’s own for centuries, and for good reason.  Clean and beautiful, it can move from Blue Willow traditional to ultra modern without skipping a beat.  Above, dark wood chair legs, aged bronze nailhead trim, and soft gold are all that’s needed to warm up a blue and white living space.  Click on image for sources.
Of course, you don’t have to stop with just blue and white.  Below, three on-trend  color schemes for cobalt inspired by the Greek Isles, with ideas for introducing them into your space.mediteranean hues
Left to right:
Santorini: Cobalt and Turquoise  Fresh and relaxing, this is a mix of the deep ultramarine, sea glass and turquoise shades Santorini is famous for.  A white background  keeps this mix of items light and beachy.
Rug, zincdoor; candle, OKAdirect;  side table, habitat.co
Mykonos:  Cobalt and Poppy  Blue gets paired with it’s complement, here, inspired by the rust-colored roofs of the little white churches on Mykonos.  Mix in a few varying shades of red-orange, from poppy to peach, to soften the effect.
Patmos:  Cobalt and Fuchsia  As kids, my parents called us back home by ringing a loud bell from the Island of Patmos.  I remember how impressed I was when Grandmother told me she had bought it on the island where John wrote the Book of Revelation.
Here, I’ve mixed cobalt with deep pink in a nod to the lush flowers that tumble over the white walls on the island.
Fabric, Lilly Pulitzer; pillow, zincdoor, Linea Pink square vase, House of Frasier.
I am planning to mix a little cobalt into my breakfast room;  have you used cobalt in your home?  How did it turn out?  I’d love to see it!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Study Hall

Study Hall
Three boy’s study areas for about $200.
We just moved our two oldest boys into a new room, and they’re having fun planning ways to fix it all up. Top on their list?  A desk.  Which has me looking around for ideas.
Here are three I’ve found, each for about the same total price.
Left to right
#1.  Desk, Target;  Chair, Ikea;  Monster Lamp, Lampsplus; Magnetic Chalkboard, houzz.com
#2.  Desk, Ikea; Chair, Target; Lamp, habitat; Magnet Board, Crate & Barrel
#3. Desk, Ikea; Chair, amazon; USMC Lamp, Retro Planet; World Map Cork Board, Modcloth
Which one makes the grade?
I’m leaning toward number three.  Which one do you like?  I’ll let you know how it all turns out!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

it’s a great day

it's a great day
It’s a great day to…
Listen to a thunderstorm…
Write a letter
Plan gifts for Mother’s Day
Stop by TJ Maxx…(they just restocked!)
Wash the sheets
Have asparagus for dinner
Those are the things I’m thinking about doing today…what does your Thursday look like?
Shop the fun letters shown above here:
Everyday Art Vintage Marquee Letter A, bobbyberkhome.com
The Letter P, TintPress on Etsy
Typewriter Key Letter R Pendant in White Bronze, GwenDelicious on Etsy
Monogram “I” Stemless Wine Candle, Lamps Plus
Photo Prop Letter L, borlovanwoodworks on Etsy
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Fresh, Bright Coral and Navy

A happy color combo for a happy Monday!
Aren’t you loving the coral and navy trend?!  It’s pretty in big doses, but you don’t have to do a total remodel to add this splash of warm-weather color to your home.
 These two easy-going colors transition well into existing color schemes, making an easy way to update your rooms.coral&navy on taupe
coral&navy, on grey
Here, You can see how well coral and navy blend in with typical wall colors.  Crisp and nautical on grey, soft and romantic on taupe, it also plays well with golds and turquoise.
Click on any image for sources
Have you added coral and navy to your color scheme yet?  How does it look?
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!