Ponytail Weather

ponytail weather
It’s warming up out there!  This time of year, the only way I want to wear my hair is up in a ponytail- can you relate?
Are you familiar with Kate over at The Small Things BlogRead more about her here.  Her site is full of doable hair tutorials with lots of cute ponytail options, so you can look great and still keep your cool.
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

Field Trip Ready

field trip ready
Chill your beauty essentials to stand out and keep your cool in a sea of Class Moms.
You’ve stamped a zoo-themed vignette on the lunch sacks and chosen subtly-matching outfits for you and your child.  Now, toss this kit in your bag, and, I promise, you’ll end the day feeling as great as you did when it started.
1.  Your secret weapon?  A cooler bag  small enough to keep in that super-adorable cross-body that you bought just for today.  (It was a totally practical purchase, by the way…it will help future scrap-book historians differentiate between your fall and spring field trip pictures.)  Thermal Mini-Zipper Pouch in in Best Buds from Thirty-One Gifts, $12.00
2.  Tuck in an ice pack…this is the deal-changer, so don’t skip this step.  Froggy Thera-Pearl Pal, $9.00 on Amazon.
3.  Add some iced-down SPF lip-balm and leave the other mothers wondering how you manage to keep that bright smile throughout the day.  My favorite stand-by?  Blistex.  Go for Melon Medley from the Fruit Smoothie line to complement the flavor of the freshly-scooped honeydew in your lunch.  $3.00 on drugstore.com
4.  Hand and Face Wipes, because you know that mom is going to stiff you with restroom duty, again.  Might as well look and feel even better after it than before, right?  A chilly swipe of the hands and back of the neck and you’ll step away from the girl’s room confident, collected, and totally ready for the souvenir shop.  BabyGanics Hand and Face Wipes, $3.99
5.  Sunscreen.  You won’t share, of course (wouldn’t want to cause an allergic reaction)  but, when other moms are toweling-off melted mascara and doctoring their pink noses, you’ll pull out your chilled sunscreen and apply the every-two-hours touch-up… cool as a cucumber.  It’s a subtle touch, but one that every room mom there will notice and remember.  Sunny Screen from Episencial, $12.00
You’re cool.  Your ready.  And your going to walk away from that school bus so refreshed, I guarantee you’ll be the first mom to get her album posted to Facebook.
You are soooo Cute, Smart and Organized,

Prep those Piggies

Prep those Piggies
We don’t want to let sandal weather catch us unprepared, do we?
This weekend, get a jump on the action and use these three simple tips to take your DIY Pedi from homemade to smashing :)
Check out this post about the BEST top coat EVER (in my humble opinion)!
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Have a great weekend!