Meet Ginny

  MyPic (1)Hi, there!  I’m Ginny, and let me tell you, most days Cute, Smart, and Organized are not the words to describe me!

Like you, my life is a lot busier than it probably should be, and the important things often get forgotten in a long list of not-so-important to-do’s.

But, also like you, my is crazy-full of a lot of pretty wonderful things, too!  At least once a day, my husband and I look at each other and laugh, wondering how in this whole world we ended up with the four fun-loving boys who call us Mom and Dad.

 Our days start at our home in the country, but involve a long commute into the city for my husband, and two trips into town for me, to take our oldest two to school and back.  Sandwiched in between my “bus-driver duties” are a few hours of preschooler and toddler deliciousness.

It was in these sweet hours, one day, that I was feeling especially frustrated about everything I hadn’t accomplished.  You know that feeling?  When being anything like that Virtuous Woman in the Bible seems like an impossible goal?  I mean, really, she buys real-estate, crafts and keeps her family dressed up in beautiful clothes.  How can I compete?

And then it hit me…I am a Virtuous Woman.  I may not bring a six-figure income to the family, but I do work my hardest to save money on groceries.  My children might not always look like a GapKids ad, but, hey- they’re wearing clean underwear!  And who cares if we’ve lost the remote in the dirty clothes.  Again.  I somehow manage to keep a crazy family of six fed, dressed and with a relatively low number of cavities.

God sees me as Cute, Smart and Organized.  And that’s how He sees you, too!

Let’s Visit…

Q. What kind of things are important to you?

I love beautiful things, and I love creating.  Few things make me happier than drawing or having my hands in a project.  I love houses and houseplans- especially tiny ones!  I love to plan parties.  I adore magazines….give me a Southern Living and I am one happy lady!  I relish family time.  And I love helping others see what incredible, beautiful people they are.

First and foremost, though, I am a Christian, and I know our true worth is in Christ.  I may spend a lot of time writing about home, fashion and all the stuff girls like, but I know nothing can satisfy us like our love for Him.

Q.  Where are you from?

A. Texas!  I married a San Antonio boy, and we put down roots right where I grew up – in a sweet, small community outside Fort Worth.

Q. Do you work?

A. I stay at home with my kids- best. job. ever. And not something I take for granted.  There’s never a lot of money floating around our house, but this has always been important to my husband and I, and God has been faithful to help us pull it off.

Q. Where did you get your creativity?

A. My family.  My dad was a commercial artist, and my mother is an interior-design-major-turned-teacher.  And the rest of the family just oozes creativity.  Be it crafts or design, music or writing, cooking or computers, they have skills that put me to shame!

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