My Ultimate Cleaning Tools

ultimate cleaning tools
My husband helped me pull out the oven and give it a deep cleaning this weekend, which got me thinking about my all-time favorite cleaning tools…
When I run across something that refuses to come clean, which is about every day,  this is what I reach for.  I’ve found them to be more effective than cleaning chemicals, and they require a LOT less elbow grease than a scrubby brush.  What could be better?
Summer should be fun and carefree.  Here are three tools that will make light work of summer chores now, and will save you a backache all year long.
1.  Magic Eraser Now: I’m getting that nasty grey film off our plastic outdoor toys.  Throughout the year: I de-grime our tennies, rub the burnt stuff off the glass cooktop, wipe the little red marks off the walls that the broom makes when it falls against them, and spiff up the arm rest in the car.  It’ s also gotten ink off our wallpaper, and those little dark specks that the dishwasher ignores around the word “Pyrex'” on our Pyrex glasswear.  I especially love the way it cleans anything with subtle ridges that trap dirt, like vinyl flooring and the bumpy texture on ice chest lids. 
-Be careful with glossy paint surfaces, and go for the store brand erasers at WalMart; 
You can get a four pack for three or four bucks.  Lifesaver!-
2. Pumie Scouring Stone  Now:  It’s ideal for cleaning the grill.  Throughout the year: I can’t get over how well it cleans the lime deposits that we have such trouble with in our area- on tile, the tub and even the toilet.  It was fabulous this weekend for cleaning the enameled edges of the oven door that aren’t cleaned up during the self-cleaning cycle.  I LOVE the way it cleans our porcelain tub.
     -Wear gloves when you use it so it doesn’t rough-up your fingertips, and don’t use it on glass, fiberglass and soft metals, but you’ll be amazed at how many things you can use it on.  Cost: about $2.00.  Love it!-
3.  Pampered Chef Pan Scraper  Now and Throughout the Year: I use it for anything with something stuck on it, like all the cereal bowls I use to hold paint while working on projects, dried paint and soap drips, and absolutely anything else that won’t disolve with cleaner or scrub off with a scrubby brush.  Keep one at the kitchen sink for dishes, and one in each bathroom or your cleaning caddy.  I honestly don’t know why it works so well, but it really does. 
-I’ve tried other brands, but none seem to work as well as the ones from Pampered Chef; they’re more flexible and have both curved and straight corners for different applications.  And, hey, they’re only three dollars for a three pack, so go for it!-
If you’ve gotta clean something this summer, you might as well make it cheap, chemical-free, and easy, don’t you think?
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

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