Looks Like Summer! The Best Flowers Ever

It’s the last day of school for the Wiley boys!  Can we just say, we are more than just a little excited?!!
Pretty periwinkles are just about the best flowers ever, in my opinion, and since they don’t show up in stores until the weather really warms up in spring, they’ve always been a happy little signal to me that summer’s coming!
Years ago, I decided periwinkles, or vinca, are basically the only flowers I’ll bother to plant.  Though I love flowers, and even working in the yard, I’ve never exactly had a green thumb.  Combine that with my so-so soil and our blazing hot climate, and you’ve got to be one tough plant to make it in my yard.

Marigolds piddle out for me, geraniums wilt, and petunias turn into long, lanky strings of pale green stems with no flowers on them.  I know what you’re supposed to do to prevent this.  And I’ve done it.  Uggg.

So, my attitude is, “Why bother?”  Why bother with flowers that aren’t going to work when you can have periwinkles?

They revel in the Texas sun, grow fuller all season, and laugh when you forget to water them.  Ask me how I know.   Add to that the fact that vinca red happens to bloom in one of my favorite colors ever, and you’ve pretty much got flower perfection.

Looks like Summer!


Image above from Burpee


6 thoughts on “Looks Like Summer! The Best Flowers Ever

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