good news

good news
If you know me, you know checking the mail is the highlight of my day.  How my husband can come home without stopping at the mailbox is beyond me.
Like your mailbox, I’m sure, mine is generally loaded with cable t.v. offers and sales flyers.  On a good day, there is a catalog or two.  On a really good day, there’s a magazine (and I LOVE magazines!)
And then on that rarest of days, comes a handwritten note.
My family has always been sweet about sending notes, but two members stand out as gifted letter writers.
It was always exciting to see a letter addressed in Aunt Hazel’s handwriting.  She had a knack for making everyday news about our far-off family in North Carolina sound like an interesting chapter in a book.
Grandmama Jane made correspondence her art form.  I only wish I had her ability to pen such perfectly worded and truly heartfelt messages.  She absolutely never missed a properly timed thank-you, but what she was best known for were the little postcards she’d toss in the mail.  “Grandaddy and I were just remembering the time such and such happened,” she would write casually, “and it made us think about how much we love you.”
Years ago, I took a class from etiquette expert Deborah King.  She would tell us, “a hand written note is like a gift in the mail.”  So true.  Wrapped in an envelope, hand-made and personalized, read and then tucked away in a little box or a drawer where it can be pulled out and savored later.  Perfect.
Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.  Proverbs 25:25
Above, A Pretty Collection of  Stationary found on Etsy:
Pen your thoughts on these charming nautical themed note cards.  6.00 for five, from Papillon Kate.
Isn’t this personalized Anchor Scroll wooden stamp beautiful?  17.00 from Barn Stationary.
Lovely Traditional Gift Enclosure Cards are perfect for tucking in packages and lunches, or leaving on a pillow.  $32 for a twenty-five card set, from Dallas-based Brown Paper Studio.
A blue-and-white Enameled Pan is reimagined as a tidy desk tray to corral stamps and writing papers.  23.00 from Nimble’s Nook.
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

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