Stacked Circles – a DIY Art Project

diy-paint-chip-art-stacked-circlesGrab an old box, a circle punch and pencil eraser and let’s create a little fine art…

or at least fun art! ;)

I have a sweet niece who has been redecorating with rich shades of plums and greys.  I wanted to give her a piece of art that would match the sophisticated mood of her space, but fit the budget I had to work with.  This is my solution;  want to give it a try?  Here’s what I did:


Supplies-cardboard box, burlap, colored paper or paint samples, grey and gold craft paint, school glue, gloss Mod Podge, gold Sharpie, and thumbtacks.

Tools-knife, foam paint roller, glue gun and 1 1/2 inch circle punch.

I used similar supplies on another project you might like, a faux capiz-topped table.  You can see that post here.


We recently bought a new vacuum at the Wiley house, and I thought the narrow, rectangular shape of it’s box would be perfect for this project.  I grabbed a paring knife out of the kitchen and cut out the face of the box, leaving about two inches around the sides so that it would stand away from the wall like a wrapped canvas.

Next, I covered the box in a scrap of burlap, folded the corners, and tucked the edges around the back of the cardboard with hot glue.

Using a 4 inch foam roller, I gave the face and sides of the box two coats of light grey, interior latex semi-gloss paint that I had on hand from another project.  Be sure to fill all the little holes in the burlap in this step.

Color:  Directions/Examples DIY Art

I gathered various shades of plum, blush and charcoal paper, as well as some metallics in champagne and pewter.  Paint chips are perfect for projects like this, since they’re already arranged by gradients of the same color.  If your paint-buying habit has left you with unused samples, this is the perfect project to use them up, but cardstock would work equally well.

I punched out the circles next, using a one and one-half inch circle cutter, and made a stack of circles for each color.

I wanted the picture to subtly move from light to dark tones, so I divided the stacks into three groups:  light, mid and dark tones.  I randomly mixed each group of colors and placed them side-to-side on the burlap.  I covered the top third of the box with the lightest shades, the middle third with the mid-tones, and the lower third with the darkest colors.

I wasn’t completely happy with the arrangement until I moved just a few circles to the wrong group.  When everything looked right, I adhered the circles with school glue.


I covered the sides and face with five coats of Mod Podge in a cross-hatch pattern to give the paper circles a canvas-like texture.  I like the way the glossy Mod Podge brought out the colors and smoothed the edges of the circles, making it look a little more like a painting and a little less like a collage.


The size of my box left a small blank space across the bottom after all the circles had been placed.  I used  a ruler and gold Sharpie to fill this area with a decorative line and the words, “faith, hope and love,” from 1 Corinthians 13.

Next, I dipped a pencil eraser in pale gold craft paint from Martha Stewart Crafts and stamped tiny confetti-like dots over the picture, concentrating the most dots at the top and lower left corners.

Finally, I punched antique brass thumbtacks along the edge of the cardboard to mimic the nailhead trim that my niece was using in her decor.


Here it is all complete.  It was affordable and uncomplicated to make, and turned out just how I had hoped.

What do-it-yourself wall art have you made for your home?  Show us!  I bet it’s beautiful.

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!



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