Styling a Random Wall Arrangement

A Pretty Monogrammed WallBringing some lovely order to chaos…
This weekend, my sister and I hung an arrangement of monograms on her living room wall.  We love the results!
Random arrangements like this are so popular right now, but styling them can be a little tricky.  You want carefree style, not a train wreck.
Here’s what we did to keep the arrangement casual, but neat:
1.  Find your focal point.  We used the large, framed piece as the center of our arrangement, because it commands the most visual space.
The focal point doesn’t have to be in the middle – any corner would also work well – but it helps to decide on the location of your focal point so you have an easy reference point to base the rest of the grouping from.
2.  Practice first.  We measured out a space on the floor with the same dimensions as the wall we were working with.  My sister’s wood floors came in handy here;  they gave us ready-made grid lines to work from.
Starting with our focal piece, we added in each object, varying sizes, materials and shapes.  Then we would step back, remove  a few pieces that didn’t work, and arranged again.  And again.  And again.  This is where a little  preparation and patience pays off; get your practice design right before you go nailing a bunch of holes in the walls. ;)
A Pretty Monogrammed Wall: Styling Tips3.  Keep a little bit of Order.  Take a look at the picture here and you’ll see what I mean: Even though our arrangement appears very random, we used some repeating sight lines to keep things neat.  Notice how several letters line up with the frame of the focal point picture, shown with red lines,  and other objects are arranged on a line about two inches from the frame of the focal point picture, blue lines.
One final tip:  Have a few picture-hanging options handy.  When you’re working with this many different types of pictures and decorative objects, you can bet they won’t all be hung the same way.  We used a combination of traditional picture hangers, Command Adhesive, and Command Adhesive Picture Hangers.
-Sources:  Framed Monogram, homemade; All other objects, Hobby Lobby.  Get Hobby Lobby’s coupon app for Iphone here, android here.-
Now, hop over to Pinterest and get inspiration for your monogram wall on my Pinboard!
And, if you’ve already hung a random arrangement like this in your home, show us what you did!  I bet it’s beautiful!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

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