Study Hall

Study Hall
Three boy’s study areas for about $200.
We just moved our two oldest boys into a new room, and they’re having fun planning ways to fix it all up. Top on their list?  A desk.  Which has me looking around for ideas.
Here are three I’ve found, each for about the same total price.
Left to right
#1.  Desk, Target;  Chair, Ikea;  Monster Lamp, Lampsplus; Magnetic Chalkboard,
#2.  Desk, Ikea; Chair, Target; Lamp, habitat; Magnet Board, Crate & Barrel
#3. Desk, Ikea; Chair, amazon; USMC Lamp, Retro Planet; World Map Cork Board, Modcloth
Which one makes the grade?
I’m leaning toward number three.  Which one do you like?  I’ll let you know how it all turns out!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

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