My Al Fresco Wish List

alfresco wishlist
The warm spring weather has me dreaming of fixing up the patio for cookouts and parties.
Here: my totally impractical outdoor wish list, and the totally practical reasons why I won’t be fulfilling my wishes…
1.  Isn’t this Ceramic Beverage Tub lovely?  I fell in love with it as soon as I spotted it a couple of weeks ago.  I can see it on the patio chilling drinks in the summer,  and on the buffet filled with paperwhites come Christmas. Of course, with four young boys running around, I can also see it smashed in a million pieces. Ballard Designs, $119.
2.  Every year I dream of getting an umbrella to block the sun while I watch the little guys play.  I’m a sucker for the warm colors and ball-fringe on this one.  The $1,195 price tag?  Not so much.  Suzani Melon Umbrella from Frontgate.
3.  Plastic outdoor dishes are shatterproof, colorful and cheap, so why I haven’t gotten a new set yet?  I can’t decide which ones to buy!  Salad plate, Threshold Scallop Floral Dinnerware, $40 for twelve-piece set.  Dinner plate, Threshold Ikat dinner plate, $11.99 for four, all from Target.
4.  I dream of mounds of azaleas up under the trees behind our house.  But couple my inability to grow much of anything with my husband’s knack for mowing down shrubs and you’ve got a classic case of throwing good money after bad.  Shown here: Encore Azaleas.
5.  These Round Outdoor Poofs from Home Decorator’s Collection caught my eye when I got the new catalog last week.  I look at them and instantly invision a pair in front of a settee, functioning as a coffee table that doubles as extra seating.  Our dog, however, looks at them and sees a big, fluffy chew toy.  I think I should wait until he’s a little older before I set something this tempting – and this pretty – in his territory.  On sale this week for $89 (regularly $99) in fabric shown, with lots of fabrics to choose from. Home Decorator’s collection.
What do your dream outdoor living areas look like? I’d love to hear about it!
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!

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