In Search of The Perfect Calendar

Beautiful Ways to Track the Days

Sources, clockwise from left: Social Diary from Aspinal of London, Folk Art Wall Calendar by pressbound (link below), Deborah Dot journal from Kate Spade, Bible Verse Wall Calendar from Lizzaeh (link below)

 I’ve been on a search for the ultimate calendar for years now – probably since my oldest son was born.   But where is this ultimate calendar?  If you have it, I really want to know.

Before kids, I managed pretty well with a purse calendar.  But with kids, I had things a little more important to keep track of than manicure appointments and whether this was the paper or metal anniversary.  I needed a more serious method of keeping up with immunization schedules, check-ups and trips to visit grandparents.

Top Needs:  Bigger Squares, Month and Week at a glance, reminders.

Solution:  An appointment calendar on the bathroom counter.  I could glance over the day’s schedule and check out the coming month while I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair in the morning.  Still my all-time favorite way to go.  But then…

The kids started school.  And If I wanted to be sure not to volunteer for the PTO bake sale on the same day as my son’s haircut, I needed something a little more portable.

Top needs:  Bigger Squares.  A way to  keep track of both family and school events.

Solution:  Kept the appointment calendar, added a purse calendar.  I suppose it would work great if there was someone to remind you to move information back-and-forth between the calendars.  There wasn’t.  And then…

The Kids got older and I added Thirty-One to the mix.  With older elementary comes ball games and important long-range homework deadlines.  And I needed a good grasp of the family schedule in mind when I offered party dates to hostesses.  At this point, I decided to go paperless.

Top Needs:  Bigger Squares.  A way for the whole family to know who was going to be where, and when.  An option that was both complete and portable so I could schedule parties while I was away from home.

Solution:  Cozi.  I like the way it  keeps up with the schedules of various family members, and I really like the way it sends reminders to my husband and I through text and email.  Major bonus here.  But, it doesn’t automatically sync with iCal and google calendar, so when, for example, school events were added to my google calendar, I was back to my old problem of not remembering to transfer information back and forth.

And I also came to an important realization about myself: 

I just want to write things down!!!  I found it increasingly annoying to have to open an app, type in some info and categorize it when all I really had to do was grab a pen and jot it down.  Besides, is it just me, or is it just plain easier to comprehend things on paper than on a screen?

So I’m back to an appointment calendar.   Just one.  In my purse.

And after my years of extensive research and testing, I think I know what The Perfect Calendar for me would be like:  Really, really, really big squares.  Month and week at a glance.  Syncs with all other calendars.  Looks Cute.  Shows seven days a week. (Have you noticed some don’t?  How confusing is that?Is displayed in a location that all family members can see, at all times of the day.  Color codes different types of appointments for different family members.  Sends out reminders to everyone.  Make kids increasingly uncomfortable until they complete their book reports, three days before the due date.  Reminds me to not only plan the meals, but also buy the groceries.  Changes the oil on schedule.  And most importantly, writes down every appointment for you.

If any of you have a calendar like this, please let me know! 

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

You are so Cute, Smart and Organized,


P.S.  Please visit the creators of the charming handmade calendars above:  Melissa at pressbound for the adorable Folk Art Letterpress Wall Calendar, and Lizzy Lee at Lizzaeh for the darling Bible Verse Wall Calendar.


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