Easter Dinner…In a house full of Boys

Easter Dinner...In a house full of Boys ;)
Sure, it looks pretty, but it’s just macaroni and Jello, y’all  ;)

There are a few meals during the year that have a tradition of being fancy affairs around our home.  My husband’s birthday, Valentine’s dinner, any meal with iffy items that might look better to kids by candlelight (more on that, here) and Easter Dinner all call for wedding china and fanfare.

Oddly enough, my boys really enjoy it.  And I do, too.  It’s always fun to get out of the day-to-day routine and pull out all the stops.
Of course, with all these kids running around the house, something’s gotta give when you’re pulling those stops out.
Our Easter Dinner this Sunday will look something like this:
Roast Beef  It’s not exactly typical Easter fare, but it sure makes life easy to toss it in the crock pot Saturday night between dyeing eggs and looking for missing Easter baskets.  After church, I’ll put it on a pretty platter, get my mom to make the gravy (because I’m a gravy disaster) and we’ll be set.
Jello  We spent hours one year making Jello eggs and Jello jelly beans.  Those molds have mysteriously dissappeared after that, but the boys haven’t let us have Easter without Jello ever since.
Macaroni.  Out of a Box.  There’s no judging here.
A Pretty Salad  I love strawberries in my salad, and it always looks so bright and spring-y on the Easter table.
Pound Cake with Whipped Cream and Berries.  Start with the way it looks so gorgeous on a cake plate, and add to that the fact that Sara Lee baked it, not me, and you’ve got the perfect Easter dessert.
What will your Easter Dinner be like?  Do you have any tricks for keepin’ it simple while you’re doin’ it up big?  Share with us!  I bet they’re great.
You are so Cute, Smart and Organized!
Here’s an extra tidbit:  That beautiful floral photograph  in the menu background above can be purchased on Etsy for $30!

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