The Peplum

Peplum-Easter-DressAre you thinking about rockin’ a peplum this Easter? 

Don’t be afraid of that ruffle around the tummy!  :)  Used strategically, a peplum can actually hide your flaws and give the illusion of slimmer legs and torso.  Here are a few tips for getting the most out of this fashion statement:

Keep a slim line from the waist down  You don’t want any extra fullness below the ruffle.  Choose a pencil skirt or slim-profile pants.

Feel free to cover you arms with a jacket, just be sure the length of the jacket hits at a flattering line with the peplum.

Choose a few classic accessories.  Remember, the peplum is an accessory in and of itself, but be sure to highlight your face with a well-chosen necklace and earrings.

I’m excited to have a whole Pinterest board to share with you today full of inspiration to give this trend a try!  Click here to see my pins of looks to flatter all kinds of body shapes.

You’re going to look great!



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